SP Client Document Manager Tasks Addon

The Tasks addon allows you to add tasks to documents for improved workflow.  Features include:

  • Add unlimited tasks to a document.
  • Set a reminder date for each task. An email will be sent to the user on the reminder date, if the task hasn’t yet been set to complete. Each additional day thereafter, another email will be sent, until the user marks the task as completed.
  • Widget to show the user’s tasks, ordered by ending soonest.
  • Custom email in settings, to display the reminder in the way that works best for you; shortcodes are given for the task due date and file.
  • Tasks can be viewed as a new tab in the file view pop-up.
  • Integration with Groups Addon, so all group members receive reminders if set.

Tasks may be created thru “Documents > Documents” and clicking “View” on any file.  There will be a tab in the resulting window called “Tasks”.  Here you may add a task, give it a title, start date, due date, reminder date, and description.  By clicking on an existing task, you may view it’s details or mark it as complete.