Documents > Folders OR Dashboard > Folders (they both bring you to the same page)

This page displays a table listing all of the folders and subfolders.  The first column shows the folder name.  The second column displays the name of the user the folder is assigned to for main folders.  For subfolders, it displays the folder’s parent (where it lives).  The third column shows various actions which can be performed on each folder.  The actions available work as follows:

Download Archive – Downloads a .zip file of all of the files directly in the folder.  This does not include subfolders, or files within subfolders.

Add Sub Folder – Allows you to create a sub-folder within the selected folder.

Delete – Deletes a folder.  This also deletes any subfolders and files under the selected folder.

Modify – Allows you to change the name of the folder and the user that the folder is assigned to.  It also allows you to change the File Retention Period.  NOTE:This only deletes files and not folders and does not work recursively through each sub folder. Leaving this setting blank will preserve all files forever.