Q1. : Can I add a new User in WordPress?

A1 .: Yes, you can integrate the User Role Editor with WordPress and SP Client Document Manager Groups Addon to make addition to the default roles such as Administrator, Author, Editor, Contributor and Subscriber. After this, you can now create and assign project to each role.


Q2: What are the features included and not included in the Smarty Pants’ SP Client Document and Project Manager Account?

A2: Users can enjoy the below features while they are under the free account.


Q3: How can I contact Smarty Pants for technical support?

A3: For basic assistance, you can post your bug related problem or ask for configuration assistance through the Smarty Pants Forum at http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/sp‐client‐document‐ manager. For advanced support, you can contact Smarty Pants through email, Skype: anthony.s.brown or david.lapierre, or phone: +1 508.471.5133 from Monday to Thursday 10am to 4pm – Eastern Standard Time. Please note that Advanced Support is only for those who availed the support package.


Q4: What platforms are compatible with the Client Document Manager Addon?

A4: The Client Document Manager suits IE7+, Safari 4+, Opera 10+, Firefox 3+ and Chrome 4+.


Q5: Are the Smarty Pants Addons compatible with any version of WordPress? A5: Yes it is. Smarty Pants requires WordPress 2.0.2 or higher version.


Q6: How can I change my username in Smarty Pants site?

A6: Once you registered your username, you are no longer able to change or modify it. The username that you have given will be your permanent username as long as your Smarty Pants account is active.


Q7: Why do I get a 404 error message?

A7: There are two reasons why you are receiving a 404 error message. It can be because you did not install Theme My Login plugin or the php.ini is not set to 64M.


Q8: Why am I only getting a spinning circle and no content on my uploader?

A8: This happens when you are using a theme that converts new lines into paragraphs. In order to fix this, you have to wrap the short code in raw tags like this:




Q9: If I download the SP Client Document and Project Manager, will it conflict with the other plugins that I have installed in my WordPress site?

A9: Plugin conflicts can happen as with any other plugins that you have installed or will install. Typically, if you are experiencing this problem, there could be a JavaScript error. The next best step to take is to download and install firebug to uncover the issue.


Q10: I keep getting an Imagemagick error when I create thumbnails of pdfs and psds.

A10: Imagemagick is a third party plugin that you are responsible for. It is downloaded and installed on your server, but most importantly, it must be compiled into php. Your server admin will be able to handle that as we do not support Imagemagick installations.


Q11: I am using the premium versions but I cannot see the client document uploader tab in the WordPress.

A11: The premium version of the SP Client Document Manager extends the features of the free

version. Once you have installed the free version, you will be able to see the tab and from there you can put in the serial code that has been generated when you signed up for the premium account.


Q12: What are the capabilities that SP Client Document Manager will grant for User roles?

A12: Using the following short codes, the User can do:

  • sp_cdm = You need this role to view the plugin; this is a very minimal You can view files, edit and delete.
  • sp_cdm_settings = edit settings as well as enable any premium plugin features (in the future we will break premium features into their own roles, just getting started here)
  • sp_cdm_vendors = Show vendors tab
  • sp_cdm_projects = Show projects tab
  • sp_cdm_uploader = Use the uploader (add files)


Q13: Why do I receive a “permission denied” message when I activate the premium or the 30 day free trial version?

A13: The SP Client Document Manager Plugin Premium Version depends on the common function to operate. Because of this, you have to activate the Free version to resolve the error. Remember that you have to activate and install both the Free and Premium SP Client Document Manager plugins to avoid receiving this error.


Q14: What are Smarty Pants free feature?

A14: The free features allow the user to browse listings. It also permits the admin to manage all developments, manage listings, add listings to a development, define the legal terms in admin, turn on or off the Social Security Number and print application of user.


Q15: What does Smarty Pants premium account includes?

A15: When you have signed up for a Premium account in Smarty Pants, you can integrate Google Maps into your listing view page, upload multiple images, print all applications of a development and many more. You can also check out this page http://smartypantsplugins.com/sp‐rental‐ manager‐plugin to learn more about Smart Pants’ Premium version.