Most of the file management tools for administrators can be found in the WordPress Dashboard under “Documents”.

“Documents > Documents” shows a sub-menu on the top of the page.  The rest of the page is made up of a table with links and tools to manage recent uploads from all users.

The Documents sub-menu and it various pages are explained on a different page.

The columns on the chart are as follows:


The actual database ID number of the file


A preview of the uploaded file (if available)

File Name

The name of the saved file.  How the file is named when uploaded can be set in “Documents > Settings > Main Settings”.


The username of the person who uploaded the file.  Clicking the “User” will take you to the user’s profile, including a list of files that user has uploaded.


The date and time that the file was uploaded.


Clicking “View” will show a popup with details about the file, including links to “Add Revision”, “Download File” and “Delete File”.  If  “Documents > Settings > Premium Settings > Direct Link to file” is checked, the popup window is skipped, and clicking “View” simply opens the file directly.

Clicking “Delete” will delete the file.


Checking the boxes in this column will select files that you wish to send to vendors.

To actually email the selected files to vendors, use the form at the bottom of the page.